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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

XMetaL, Again!

Turns out that once I sorted out the localhost resolution problem, outlined below, wine and everything with it works like a charm. Therefore, today I pressed my luck by reinstalling XMetaL, according to my set of instructions from a February blog entry, and it also works like a charm.

Now I'm anxiously waiting for the Debian maintainers to update wine to the latest version. The unstable wine lags two versions behind...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Wine Solutions

It turned out that my wine problems, mentioned in previous posts, were pretty easily explainable: Somehow, my local DNS resolution was out of order, meaning that I couldn't map localhost to wine, just as many other programs, use localhost just about everywhere. All it took was a reconfiguration of my LAN, easily achieved with dpkg-reconfigure etherconf.

Monday, May 15, 2006


...could easily be my last day as a projectionist, as my theatre, the Draken, has its last scheduled commercial screening. It's at 7 p.m., and it's a Swedish classic by Bo Widerberg; it's old, it's black-and-white, and it's boring, and for the life or me, I can't recall its title.

See, the Swedish Film Institute is moving its Cinemateket film classics screenings to the Capitol theatre after eleven years with me and Draken doing their dirty work, and there's very little I can say about the whole affair without losing the PG rating of this blog.

All of this has come about on a very short notice; a day or two before my theatre's 50th birthday on April 26, I was still confident that the Draken still had many years left in public service. It was only on the day before the anniversary that I first heard about their plans, and this was an accident. I wasn't meant to know. Nobody was.

Anyway, if you want to complain, the contact information is easily found at the Swedish Film Institute's home on the Internet. There are laws against me publishing phone numbers here, apparently.

I suppose all this gives me more time to write.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Corrective Measures

I mentioned below that I haven't been able to blog due to technical problems at Blogger. This is not entirely true. Yes, Blogger had problems, but I also have discovered that changing my router's MTU from 1492 bytes to 1500 bytes makes all of my Blogger-related problems go away, including the intermittent connectivity problems...

Makes me wonder, now. Can my wine problems (also outlined below) be at least partly caused by the router problem? Watch this space.

More Wine!

wine is behaving more and more strangely. The timeouts have continued, and Internet Explorer won't work properly. It starts, but crashes when it connects to anything outside my LAN.

There are a couple of possibilities here. First of all, I've switched to an older ADSL modem/router combo because my D-Link G604T keeps on losing DSL sync every few hours and behaves erratically in between, and so I suspect that this new (well, old) hardware doesn't like IE on Debian, for some strange reason. (I mean, what's there not to like?) Second, I've upgraded Xorg to 7.something, and the something might interfere with wine. Or it could be any random C library I've upgraded recently. I'm a dist-upgrade junkie and I need my fix practically every day.

In any case, I got tired of the whole mess today and removed wine and every Windows application I've installed. Yes, folks, that includes XMetaL.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Blogger has been experiencing some problems lately, which is why I haven't posted anything for awhile. Or maybe they've read my blog.

Weird wine Timeouts

I've had some weird wine timeouots lately. My Windows apps take up to two minutes to start. It could be my recently upgraded Xorg but I'm not sure... Stay tuned.